and before we knew it, daylight

by Drew Bond

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released February 23, 2014

all songs written by drew bond except "total bummer" written by fat mike
arranged and performed by drew bond
engineered and mixed by brian squillace
album art by brian squillace



all rights reserved


Drew Bond Jacksonville, Florida

i'm drew. i'm a songwriter living in jacksonville, florida.

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Track Name: white mustang
you've got another face
with tears and a sweaty lip
and a grip
i can become liquid
stars will crash into earth
white mustang

the hooves and the rubber tires
the curves and the nicotine
i have never been tired
i've never been anything
but yours, white mustang

anything that you'd like
Track Name: bodies don't lie
on a stairwell climb
i lost my mind
i wish i could say goodbye to it for good
because bodies don't lie
and if we don't try to understand
then we might get the truth

when i get home i'll read what you wrote
i'll lock the door and we can pretend
it's been a long day, why don't you lay down
and imagine me, i'll imagine you too

in a see-through shirt
playing hip hop tracks
you have wings
and i can't believe my eyes

good nights in real time
Track Name: you were my girl
i said a lot of dumb things but
you were my girl
i talked you up when you were down because
you were my girl
and when you cried i was by your side because
you were my girl
and all i want is another sleepless night like when
you were my girl

watch the cigarette smoke pour from your perfect mouth and stick to the humid night air i want to stick to this moment

so don't make me wake from this dream, please

i want you to teach me about things that you know and love talk to me about nothing at all just be near
i need
for strength
Track Name: cigarette
they made a story out of me
so i never stood a chance in your company
if you drag a name through the mud
then you're the motherfucker that's dirty
there's got to be a better way to kill time
smoke a cigarette, drink to forget
i'll use my voice even though it's ugly
pick up my guitar and write another shit song, alright

you're good at pretending to be good

do you fight for your identity?
or throw it to the apes and watch them go crazy?
i'm gonna smoke, i'm gonna drink
don't you want to come and fall in love with me?
i'll give you myself, i'll give you everything
but maybe that's not what a person wants
or maybe i'm just not what a person wants (huh...)

without you i'm in hell
but the best i can do is say, oh well
and i wish i had the power to not feel
but i'm just a person and this is real
Track Name: belief system
Track Name: total bummer
*lyrics by fat mike*

go away sunny day

all the horny people sitting in front of their TVs and thinking what is wrong with me i'm not a monster
why won't anybody fuck me, i don't want to live life lonely, why does everyone have to be perfect

all the barflies sipping whiskey, fighting ever-present pity, wondering what they keep sucking back for
is it the drink or trepidation, watching all trains leave the station, left standing alone without a ticket

you light up my life, you give me hope to carry on
you might up my days, and you light up my life

stop searching because there's no answer, just a long ride of disaster, there's no simple way to stop the sadness
life's not fair i'm glad it's not, this isn't heaven, just a lonely planet on the verge of self destruction
Track Name: isolation application
i can't watch all the madness
i'm not long for this world
i'll erase all the data
and never look back
i'm not liked, i'm misunderstood
but i don't have any clout
so it goes, i'm an inchworm
under your heel

you're hovering
i'm a slab of stone
isolation mode, initiate
you're a space shuttle
i'm a cave dweller
isolation mode, initiate

project an image on the moon
tag your friends at the bar
post a quote that you think is true
make me a star
find content to relate to
what will help you get on
i am i and i am you
back to basics, back to the start
Track Name: and before we knew it, daylight
chirps lit the sky up like morning stars. daylight started seeping into our awaken dream of bliss- too alive for sleeping.
you were a sunbeam on my dying thriving. i was golden in the light of your eyes.
now i'm simply lights out.

i want to meet you over and over again, daylight...