Looking Forward to You

by Drew Bond

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released August 28, 2010

All songs written and performed by Drew Bond. Electric guitar on 'VII Weeks' written and performed by Roland David. Recorded, mixed, and engineered by Tom Essex at Skinny Records at Warehouse Studios between 8/21/2010 and 8/24/2010. Assistant engineering by Ryan Turk. Mastered by Jason Busch at Bantam Audio Labs. Hand claps by Tom Essex, Roland David, and Drew Bond.



all rights reserved


Drew Bond Jacksonville, Florida

i'm drew. i'm a songwriter living in jacksonville, florida.

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Track Name: Balcony
Hello, Dais. Richmond is cold. The bar is dead except for you. You're on stage. Your awkward moves are infectious in their way. I watch you from down here. I love you so. I just don't know it yet. Hello, Dais. I say your name from the balcony of the hotel. You're insane. It's 4a.m. Your clothes are piled up by the pool. I watch you from up here. I love you so. I'm starting to realize. I'll rub your back. You just rest. There's far too much to think about, Dais.
Track Name: VII Weeks
I'm shortsighted. There aren't too many long hauls. Beneath my belt I am preoccupied. Do you want me? Are you comfortable with this routine? There it is. After 7 weeks I am counting on the questioning. There it is. There I go. You call me small. I don't have room to argue. I just make fun. I guess there's room to improve. You're one to talk. A boat floating in between two docks. There you are. With a gun mounted on. You just spin around firing rounds. There you are. You got me. You got me still.
Track Name: Ghost I
She is here in this room. She's staring at you. You're captured by her. All that she has put you through. If she doesn't want you, then let me have you. She's standing here over my shoulder. You're reaching out for her. You're calling my name. How hard is it to stifle what you really want to say? I'm disappearing into you. You're disappearing under me. I'm wasting all this on you. You take it and waste it on her. All of these specters taking these lives. Take these lives.
Track Name: Ghost II
You made the meal. I'll clear the table off. I know you feel it's the least I can do. I'll clear your tears off even though they aren't for me. Your eyes become my holding cell. How could you bring me here when you knew that I was a vapor that you saw through? I should have told you before it died. I should have showed you. Will I haunt you? I doubt it. I think I'll be a ghost with nowhere to go.
Track Name: Bedroom
The bedroom is warm. Turn on the fan. Take off the clothes. The door is ajar. That won't slow us down. The shower is on. Let's have a talk. The dinners, the drinks. The 4th of July. The backyard was nice. The car ride down south. You helped me out. Your honest critique. The blood on the sheets. The T.V. is on. You're making me laugh. Your voice brings me peace. Your body, I know. I know you're confused. What can I do? The parts of me not many have seen. The things that you taught won't be forgotten. The ideas of yours that I will support. The terrors of night that I tried to sooth. I look back in fondness. I look forward to you. Who are you?