Sitting in The Falls

by Drew Bond

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released August 4, 2016

Written and performed by Drew Bond
Engineered by Ryan Turk except You Never Know and The Ruthless engineered by Brian Squillace
Production, mixing, and mastering by Dan Ryan
Art by Edison William



all rights reserved


Drew Bond Jacksonville, Florida

i'm drew. i'm a songwriter living in jacksonville, florida.

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Track Name: Devotion
the lost art of

In an ocean
of racing minds,
the commotion

Go on,
Track Name: Honeyed Tones
When it’s sweet,
it’s wings of a hummingbird
in and out of the scene.
When we’re thick,
how can we slow it down
and watch it move like honey?

A travesty
of space and time.
I want a moment machine
to pick and choose
from the best with you.
Honey drops on repeat.

Sing honeyed tones
to my ears again.
Track Name: You Never Know
And suddenly the sky is blue,
accompanied by the thought of you.
Just what can these human bodies do?
You never know.
The color scheme of the day
is just perfect.
Ain’t it the truth?
You never know me.

Can I be the magician
I want to be?

A green on a gray is a living poem.
Life gave me legs so I can roam.
Should I build a nest, should I build a home?
Is that the best way to see all the tones?

It’s such a beautiful day.
Track Name: Outlive
This design
is sinister.
The beginner,
the finisher.
To watch you go,
to say goodbye,
it panics my eyes.

I will lay you down,
kiss your brow,
and be the one to outlive.
I will sing a song,
and dance along
as the one who outlived.
You hit the ground running,
then hit the ground as nothing.
Who would do this?

All beings
big and small
joined at the hip.
Track Name: The Ruthless
I should’ve been one of the ruthless.
I should’ve never cracked a smile.
I should’ve put you under my thumb,
and given only room to squirm.

I should’ve thought about the money.
I should’ve had it in my blood.
I should’ve been one of the ruthless.
I should’ve never shed a tear.

It’s never too late to have a dream.
It’s never too late to be destroyed.
Track Name: Once
Once born,
once to the grave.
Take me in between.
Show me everything
you can.

with your short hair.
You’re barefoot on the hill,
the baby at your heel.

And the old woman said,
“May it last forever.”
Then she said it again
to make sure it’d come true.

It won’t be perfect,
but it’ll be ours.
And isn’t that perfect,
that it’ll be ours?
Track Name: Miles
When the egg is hatched,
you light a match.
It goes to ash
in a flash.
Even mountaintops are charred.

When you’re old enough,
we’ll go get rough.
We’ll move our muscles
for the love,
for the love of going far
away from here.

Stop it now,
stay the way you are.
You’ve got it pure.

Think of all the seas,
all the earth.
I want to take you
through the turf.
No square inch to leave unturned.

And we will mind all things
that deserve
not to ever be disturbed.
We can make it sacred for
our brief time.
Track Name: Sitting in The Falls
In the forest,
in the distance,
in the whisper,
soon to be the shout
of water rushing all around.

On the dry leaves,
on the cool rocks,
on the hidden path,
with beating hearts
we’re now sitting in the falls.

The most beautiful
day in human history.
Track Name: Mercedes
Over the river the sun begins
to work its magic against the sky.
You told yourself that you wouldn’t cry,
but sometimes beauty it does defy

When all the life wells up in your gut.
All the wonders, wishes, and whats.
When the gods give their gifts and then die.
When you’re walking and you’re struck from the sky.
Then the waterworks mystify you.
And you’re momentary through blurry eyes.
You’re making your way toward something.
It’s out there waiting for you.
Track Name: A Way of Life
This is a way of life.
How could it not be right?
If you try to tear it down,
we’ll get stronger.
Will this fear in our souls
last much longer?

Innocence, what is it?
And who are you to be judge?
Let us go to work
and let us play.
Let us have the good
that is today.
We know we’re not perfect,
but that’s no way to fix it.

We’re going to gather
on the streets in the November air.
We’re going to laugh and love
this way of life throughout the year.
Our hearts will break,
but we are better than the despair.
You’ve made history,
but the future belongs to us.
Track Name: Gone Again
We called it, “today.”
Now it’s yesterday.
Now it starts to fade.
It’s fuzzy.

We’ve got memories.
We’ve got hopes and dreams.
How should we be in
these hours?

It goes too fast.
How can we face it,
and make choices?

The little minutes
are gone again.